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tv   [untitled]    September 6, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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residents. the concerns i have listed above should be addressed and i have suggestions i hope you will consider. please consider implementing something like a two-tier fee structure at south beach harbor. san franciscans should not be penalized for the city's success in turning around the south beach area. we have been a part of the city's efforts to improve the area. san franciscan residents should be -- should not be charged any greater amounts than is being charged the other municipal or -- municipal marinas in the bay area. i am almost finished. the residents pay less at golf courses.
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residents visit the city's botanical gardens and do not pay well residents do. please consider giving san francisco residents some advantage over non-residents in getting a berth at south beach harbor. south beach harbor could soon be filled with anyone but san franciscans. >> ok. mike. >> commissioners, my name is m mike. i was born and raised in san francisco. i am not rich. there is an impression that anybody who has a boat has a lot of money. i have very little money or enough money to get by in san francisco, because the prices of san francisco have astronomically increase. i am middle-class, r. carpenter,
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and i was not able to afford a boat until i was in my 50's because i had to get my daughter through college. i am a property owner. my taxes paid to develop the area that is now going to raise my rent. i am not being considered part of the solution. i feel i am being forced out of an area i have lived in all my life. and it is not fair. i have a book next to me that, believe it or not, has a coral reef underneath it. the boat has never left the dock. the guy who has his boat they're only has it there to go to the ballpark. he is not a boater. he is subhuman as far as i'm concerned. [laughter] he is using that, and a lot of
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people are on the waiting list, especially residents of san francisco, to get their boats there. i also believe there should be a two-tier rating system for residents to have paid for the bonds to build up that area. i think a resident should be given priority. especially senior citizens. i am retired now. i am on a fixed income. i cannot afford to pay the increases these people are suggesting. established. to justify our being here. i just hope that you bring some of what i said into the talks, because we will not goal by. thank you. commissioner ho: thank you. bruce and after that robert. >> i am bruce, a slip holder at
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south beach and also a member of the yacht club. thank you for listening. just as a comment -- i do not know if you are responsible for turning around here 29 after the fire, but it is amazing. someone needs to be commended for that. to get insurance paid, to start reconstruction going, we all appreciated. i would back up the previous comments, because there is some real hardship for some of the people there, and there are both growing beards there really are not -- there are boats growing beards that really are not sailing or boating. i think there needs to be a tighter rein on that. just a quick grocery list. $10 per crewmember per visit is pretty severe. these are sailboats. very few of them can be sailed alone.
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the past system is working now. it seems to me to be very satisfactory. the one-car permit per berth might be better to be per owner, because some cannot have it boats. i think needs to be a differentiation their. changing the parking seems to be something like fixing something that is not broken. we have an overflow and it seems to be fine the way it is. the idea of using the gate only to control parking -- there seems to be an art in the bay area. there are those who get in very quickly with the car in front of
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them. the much talked-about and much delayed embarcadero line -- you have all these properties under your authority. we need one line to serve the whole waterfront. i ask muni people. it is always going to be done in two years. if you have any clout, please use the. we got a lot of sun and solar. maybe that is something we should be looking at. thank you very much. commissioner ho: robert, and after robert, paul. >> my name is robert woods. w0w0รณ guys who can afford a boat by sharing costs.
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to keep the boat in shape by doing our own maintenance. i am not here to talk about the marina parking lot. our boat is 33 years old. you could not buy a decent used car for what we could get for it. if we keep it in good ceiling condition and assailant -- good sailing condition and still three times a month -- and sail it every month of the year. by the way, since the last increased rent, my retirement income has gone up less than 4%. boating is our recreation. we do not engage in any other
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recreational activities that the city regularly subsidizes to enhance the quality of life for its residence. as an example, it would cost a non-resident $170 to pay -- to play around of all. i could pay these -- i could play the same round of golf for $71. the city regularly accomplishes improving quality of life by giving residents access to more recreational opportunities. we had a few boats that were not revenue-generating enterprises. perhaps they should pay rent at a rate that is commercially opprobrious. besides -- commercially appropriates. besides the slip times and the
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adjacent property maintained by the courts out. -- by the port staff. folks both young and old who bike and jog enjoyed the benefits. parents and grandparents bring their children and grandchildren along the waterfront. they are fascinated with the activity of boats coming and going. they eat lunch or just enjoy watching the marina activity. people frequently what pat's or fished off the pier. -- walk pets or fish off the pier. you get the point. this is a quality of life issue.
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the marina residents cannot be asked to shoulder the obligation of the city government's. we need a strategy to address the shortfall, one that addresses the quality of life for all marine the beneficiaries and citizens. thank you. commissioner ho: paul and then john. >> good afternoon, commissioners. as the commodore of the south beach marina yacht club, i thank you for managing in south beach harbor. as you referred, it is very
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important for residents of san francisco. it is their single most importance, if not only, recreational opportunity. in many ways, this represents the best and highest user ++thes a key role in accessibility and affordability for access to the
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waterfront. it is a key to the conversation we have been having with stakeholders and with sports staff. we generate about $100,000 of revenue for the port of san francisco and the city in taxes and rental fees we pay. we make it possible for the bay area association to give sailors a place to meet and get on the water, as well as turn in four events and other programs. our racing programs and other things get hundreds of people on the water every month. it is a way to enjoy and access the water and provide direct support to the harbor. there are a couple of things you have heard already. i do not need to drill into the affordability items to a great sense -- to a great extent. there is cost parity with the san francisco marina, taking a look at that. we look at the cost versus the san francisco marina, since there are some freebies' the san francisco marina berth holders
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get. we understand that our fees were supposed to go toward debt repayment, and they have not been. there are program participants, racing programs, to trust be parking for the broader stakeholder group, as well as the volunteers and the people who make those programs run. there are some solutions we are exploring like specific event parking. the plan for pier 40 has not been put together. that is how to do it. >> john?
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>> hi. i am a slip holder oat south beach. just doing my precinct walking, which i have done a around the city for years, i've walked mind -- i walked my slips. i have a 43-year-old boat. >> it is a pretty 1. >> yes, our little cal30 is a pretty little boat. i have talked to people on those stocks, and almost every one of them have never heard of what is going on your. be out reach is nonexistent. putting it in a bill in search is not a good way to reach us
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when we pay electronically. i just pay automatically every month. i never saw the bill. if i had not been involved with the yacht club, i probably would have not heard about this for months. the outreach is a problem. i think one meeting is not going to solve the problem. i think it is going to have to go on for a few more months. you have the commercial tenants. you have the slip holders and you have the yacht club folks. they all have a different take on what you need. if they do not work on the three-legged stool, you are going to have a problem here. because it is going to collapse and it will end up in the board of supervisors's loup -- lap.
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maybe the port could bring a facilitator into this thing to help us work better. i do not know. the other thing is the advocate's -- a somewhat i have heard -- i am not a member of the board of the advocates -- mailed a letter to staff. not in the bill. a separate mailing. that has been delayed. so you have to talk to the city attorney, this, that, and the other thing. i really encourage you to encourage the staff to let the advocates send out their own letter. if the board has to control the mailing list, that's great. but figure out a way to do with. the last thing is, there's a lack of specifics and the proposal i have seen so far on the debt. when the debt is paid off, what is going to happen? i don't expect to get a decrease, but i would expect to
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see some commitments as to what capital improvements we are going to say. i thank you for your time. [applause] >> barry hanson. >> ok. thank you for your time, commissioners. you have heard a lot of things. i will not bore you by regurgitating and again. first of all, a big thank-you to peter daly and his staff. i am part of the group that was working with them to find common ground here. i think what is obvious here, sitting back there and being part of the advocate group and seeing where it is now, we have a failure to community -- we have a failure to communicate. we have people who come in and have ideas about what is going
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on. we have not gotten the message out correctly. rather than droning on about this, what i suggest is we work on extending the time frame so we can have these meetings inclusive of everyone, and also, since john dicastro brought it up, communicate with all the berth holders so we do not have this constant wave of misconceptions. >> after barry, angelo ricardi. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i have some documents. can i pass these to you? thank you. my name is barry hansen. i am our resident of san francisco for 40 years or more. i own a home in the city, have
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for 39 years. as for the secretary of the advocates for south beach harbor. i would like to start to echo john masters' comment people -- ,. peter has been a great representative and has worked diligently with the tenants. we don't always agree, but he has been of good man to work with. i want to talk about berthing rates, and it seems to me there two drivers of the berthing rates. one is we have a deficit. i think all the berth holders understand the deficit has to be made up out of revenues. so we are down for that. the other driver is market
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value. what is the market value of south beach harbor today compared with others in the area? when we look at the berthing rates, and i have prepared an analysis for south beach harbor. i would be happy to go over this line by line and see what's what. it would take an increase of 17.2% to break even. pay the deficit. eliminate the $810,000 deficit. that does include some additional revenue peter has mentioned, some we list revenue and the charge for the second parking pass. -- wait list revenue. we also have additional revenue
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we have all talked about any meetings. charter fees for people who are picking up and dropping off passengers. and electricity revenue, which we have talked about. the port should receive about $500,000 as soon as they raise prices 17%. the other thing is the debt will be paid off in 2017. if we project the 17% increase out to that, there will be a tax flow of $1.9 million per year. so, that is a lot of dough. i am puzzled as to why we have to raise the rates 35% if 17.2% will get us there. the other two documents are current slip rates where south
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beach stance today, and -- stands today and where it stands with sf marina. thank you. commissioner ho: thank you. [applause] >> after angelo, peter sorenso n. >> good afternoon. i have been a berth holder for just about 35 years. i am trying to work out an economic problem. i have problems with economics, too. sailing had been one of my more economical ways of enjoying time
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off. i have watched the cargo from open slips to being in demand, being a wonderful community and robust in areas like that, i think the area should be reviewed in conjunction with the revenues you are seeking, as well as what you are seeking them. -- why you are seeking them. i think the community is not just the slip holders. i know those residents are he people who live in san francisco, but for the people who travel from san jose, i also pay property tax. i would like to know if that makes me a resident or an owner. i am neither owner of the property nor a resident of san francisco. should i be penalized and pay taxes? so, in the community improvements, i think they
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should consider some of the obligations san francisco goes back to the port authority to support that area for the parks, for the environment that you can see people enjoying. the other thing is, i think we have not explored all of the avenues necessary to solve the problem. i think you've got revenues that are based upon a need to pay back obligations that maybe should be reviewed. this is not the only place in the world where obligations are reviewed and negotiated. some of constraints that might be better evaluated. my plea is to take a little more time and continue the conversation for all the stakeholders. i think there is a way to work it for everybody's benefit. thank you. [applause] >> after pete sorenson, lev
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hannessey. >> good afternoon, commissioners. in a recent member of the south beach address the group. up until tonight, i got all my information about the exchange through the advocacy group. i really appreciate that the port and the group are working really well together. there's not a meeting of the mines at the moment necessarily, but the issues are well understood and there's a very good dialogue going on. there are a couple of issues, three, that have all just been mentioned. i will reiterate them very briefly. one is a large number of slip holders that have no idea about this process. a separate mailing to them would solve the problem. second is the significant
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profits that will result after a loan is retired, it would appease a lot of our tenants to see in writing that those profits will stay in the harbor. and last, i am not a member -- excuse me, our resident -- however, i pay property tax by ++ franct
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of the alboating -- calboating loan, i believe the harbor is owned by it all of the owners, not just the residents of san francisco. >> hi. i am the president of the advocates for south beach harbor. i am also an owner in the harbor now for seven years. i have a power boat. i would say about 25% of those are powerboaters and the other 75% are still boaters. just by way of information, and i will pass this onto you when i am done, we are at 501c4. i have an e-mail address i will pass on to you. i want to first of all thank for communications peter daily jim walters, forgetting is going. -- for getting us going. elaine is here, too. we have a copy of the $1 million loan. we have learned there is the assumption of a bond that was
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converted to debts. we learned that. it was good that we knew that. and we now know the operational costs of the harbor. we see that there are some low hanging fruit, for lack of a better term. they will probably garner $70,000. there are no free rides. there is no longer a free ride. bettis $70,000 a year. landing fees -- there are many non-paying charters the just drop, picked up, do not pay a thing. they have to pay their share. we have to name the harbor something. we do not care. oracle, south beach harbor. we are ok with whatever brings in more money. we what solar energy on the roof. and we appreciate the commuter
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parker -- commuter parking during the season. there will be a front door handicap button on the front of the car or house within a month for 138 b, and we have agreed that there should be mandatory operation of your boat once a year. you have got to get in your boat, started up, take it back. is a safety issue. we ended up with questions though. the mud tax. property tax of $59,000 we paid every year seems to be going into the general fund. it slipped through everyone's fingers. it probably should be going back to the port. the parking fees. we still don't have an answer for that. we came up with compromises with peter. peter. berthing rates would probably